[Poem] The Little Red Firetruck

I witnessed a fire in the heart of Pune City last week and the sheer number of fire engines present there inspired me to write this:


It was once, on this dark and cold night,

We were all asleep, our taps were sealed tight.

Then came alarm, loud and clear,

We were off, and soon the heat was near.

The flames were huge, they were massive,

Into nearby buildings, they were invasive.

There were people trapped, in floors so high,

That was a moment, people wished we could fly.

We rang our sirens, to keep people away,

Water under pressure, we decided to spray.

Lives were saved, we ensured that nobody died,

The buildings were damaged, front, back, and the side.

The next day the papers proclaimed,

₹500crore in insurance had been claimed.

We were given a grand washing to restore our colour,

The bright red was our identity, our honour.

We were happy, we were satisfied,

Our job was to ensure that nobody died.

On Fire Safety Day we were proudly paraded,

The very next day, some of us were derided.

Negativity never affected us much,

The importance we deserved, was never given as such.

To complain, was not in our nature,

But who knew, what would happen in the future?

Then one fine day, I was retired,

I was not upset for I was not being fired.

Then came the day, we were sold as Scrap,

Retirement was a way for us to escape this Trap.


This is my first major attempt at poetry. I’d really appreciate it if you could post your feedback in the comments below.



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Author: Srikanth

BEST? Bus! Vroom, *pulls bellpull* Hi, I'm Srikanth. I'm a freelance media fellow with a fascination for buses, toll plazas, fire trucks and drones.

14 thoughts on “[Poem] The Little Red Firetruck”

  1. Hey Srikanth! You just creates a ballad. Cheers to that! 🙂
    Appreciate the attempt. You should keep writing. 🙂

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