The Laws of Waiting for Buses

Ever waited for a bus only to get frustrated? Well, let’s have a closer look at it shall we?

Before we jump into this madness, let me keep two random statements in front:

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

  2. The Peter Principle

    In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.

Now, the above two statements are just there for the sake of being there. But, they will make a lot of sense after reading the rest of the article.

So, while waiting for a bus to arrive, you will observe some irritating and painful occurrences.

Presenting to you, my dear readers, The Laws of Waiting for Buses:

  1. As you reach the bus stop, you will miss as many buses possible and then none shall come.
    This law states that, ”As you approach the bus stop, maximum number of buses shall speed past you in the direction you intend to travel in, and shall cease as soon as you reach the bus stop.”
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  2. The bus you wait for shall never come, forcing you to take an alternative bus.
    This law states that, “If you are waiting for a specific bus number or a bus that follows a specific route, that bus or set of buses will not arrive till you are frustrated to the point of taking another bus, one that may involve multiple changeovers, or a longer route.”
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  3. When you give up on a bus is when it has the maximum probability of arriving.
    This law builds up on the previous law, and states that, “When you finally reach the frustration point and take the different bus, that is the moment in time when the bus you had been waiting for all along has the highest probability of arriving.”
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  4. When I was on the other side of the Road, a dozen buses sped by … Now I’m on this side, waiting, and not one bus is in sight …
    This law is similar to first one and states that, “When you are waiting for a bus that isn’t going to come anytime soon, you will see plenty of buses go by in the opposite direction.
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  5. The bus stops I choose have the least number of buses for my destination.
    This law states that, “When you reach a particular bus stop, it will have the least number of buses heading towards your destination.”
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So, in the end, the frustration builds up, and we end up taking an Uber, or an Ola. If you live in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, you will end up taking an auto or a train.

Note: Most of these incidents happen due to a phenomenon known as Bus Bunching. Bus bunching, also known as Bus Clumping, refers to a group of two or more bus, which were scheduled to be evenly spaced running along the same route, instead running in the same location at the same time.

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Author: Srikanth

BEST? Bus! Vroom, *pulls bellpull* Hi, I'm Srikanth. I'm a freelance media fellow with a fascination for buses, toll plazas, fire trucks and drones.

17 thoughts on “The Laws of Waiting for Buses”

  1. There should be a law for waiting for buses and you fall asleep just before your bus arrives.

    1. Yes.
      “You are waiting for a bus to arrive, you are tired and want to board the bus and sleep, but you sleep just a minute before the bus arrives and end up missing it”.

      1. *groans* This happened to me last night. Made the mistake of falling asleep at Maitri Park, missed the Aundh-Pune Station Shivneri, so ended up taking an NWKRTC Borivali-Hubli Airavat. Boarded at 8pm, reached Wakad at 12.30.
        Asked the driver if he was driving a Volvo or a Bullock Cart.

        1. Addendum to what Ravi said:
          The bus that you board instead of your intended bus, shall take not less than twice the amount of time to reach your destination.

  2. So much relatable. Till a decade ago, this used to happen to be. Not I don’t travel locally by buses. 🙁 The inter-city/ inter-state buses I take don’t come with so much uncertainty.

  3. Bus bunching got me hunching
    While I be munching on a wada pav
    Waiting for the bus
    That in all likelihood
    Isn’t coming on time 🙁

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