Move Over Ola and Uber, LibreTaxi Is Here


You read that right.

Move over Uber and Ola. There is a new, Open Source platform! LibreTaxi!

According to it’s homepage, LibreTaxi is a free platform that eliminates the third party in the middle. Among the features are:

Fares are decided prior to the ride being confirmed. Drivers can set their fares and passengers can negotiate.

Payment is made in cash. While this could be a not-so-great scenario, the app developers are working on BitCoin integration.

The app runs atop the Telegram messenger platform, and is built using the MIT licence. It can be be easily modified to serve multiple purposes, which is a good move. Additionally, it uses Javascript (ES6) which can be used to enable region-specific features.

The confusing part of it is that the App claims to be Battery-Friendly as it doesn’t use the phones GPS. Are fares predetermined for the distance?

The founder of LibreTaxi, Roman Pushkin has the following to say about LibreTaxi:

“LibreTaxi gives flexibility to passengers and self-employment to drivers. People, not corporations, should have control over how a taxi service works!”

I agree. Having a taxi service where individual drivers and passengers get to decide is ideal. It is probably the best example of Freedom of Enterprise.

I had earlier written about how Uber and Ola drivers were better off classified as Self-Employed. A platform like LibreTaxi ensures that the driver is self-employed, thus giving them the flexibility and decision making power that they should ideally have.

What do you say?

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Author: Srikanth

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4 thoughts on “Move Over Ola and Uber, LibreTaxi Is Here”

  1. I have the habit of speaking to drivers of Uber and Ola. Often the complaint is of losing freedom and not able to decide for themselves. This new feature seems to fill the gap. I’m for anything that avoids middlemen. Good piece of information.

  2. LibreTaxi is the first of its kind. It overcomes many barriers. It works on Android, iOS and also on Web. LibreTaxi drivers can select distance based on a radius within which they can be approached. There are no fixed prices and drivers and passengers can negotiate the prices. This is something which can be tried.

  3. LibreTaxi sounds good. But again, every aspect has its pros and cons. With Uber and Ola, the prices are more or less in check. Generally Taxis and Rikshaws charge double. So, when there is this flexibility that they have, customers could be adversely affected. 🙂 But from their viewpoint, it definitely is good.

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