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This page merely exists to state that BESTpedia is backed by major Transportation players such as Keolis, Trimax, ARS, Atos, et al.

Further; I am pleased to say that BEST, NMMT and MSRTC are also running this site. I will prove this by using their logos below with their names used in the alt tag of the image:

BEST  and MCGM Logo    NMMT Logo  MSRTC Logo

Further, if you press [CTRL]+U or right-click the page and click on View Source, you will be amazed to find a Piwik and Google tracking code. The CSS used on this page is of the Cobalt 2.0 Theme for phpBB2! Duh! Why else do you think there are no ads on this blog? Google is supporting BESTpedia! It's that simple. See, this page is being run by so many corporate entities for their sleezy dubious covert operations.
If you think I'm stupid for the content posted above, then you may want to read this article by NextBigWut stating that ''Changing your Facebook DP to a tricolour image will automatically support Internet.Org, because the Source Code has <div class="_internetOrgProfilePicture_prideAvatar"> in it (link)". Of course, Facebook did issue a clarification (link) but that didn't stop the sensationalist media from carrying such a story did it?

On a serious note. No. I am NOT being funded by anyone. BESTpedia is no connected to, affiliated with, sponsored by or partnering with ANY of the following entities: BEST, NMMT, MSRTC, Trimax, Atos, ARS, Keolis, Google, Piwik, nobody. There are no Google ads because it looks cleaner without them. It would be foolish for people to blindly believe in something and start spreading rumours no?
The reason why I am not posting this on WordPress itself is that it is not connected to the subject of the blog directly. However, it is a burning issue of misinformation, rumour mongering, and utter carelessness on the part of some. In this growing age of IT and eGovernance, it is a matter of serious concern, which also impacts Transport in EVERY possible way, and thus I chose to create this page.
If you want to comment or give your feedback, please do post it here.

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