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Hi, in the professional part of my life, I work for Swarajya, India’s only Right-of-Centre media establishment, founded in 1956 by C. Rajaji.
I earlier produced Videos for Swarajya, along with writing articles for them.
I’m now a Senior Sub-Editor, I work on commissioning articles, and writing many myself.
The following is a list of all the videos that I have produced. They are listed in chronological order, and this page will be updated as and when newer videos are uploaded. All the videos are available on Facebook, and are viewable publicly.
  1. How Serious is Punjab’s Drug Problem
  2. Why is the National Optic Fibre Network Languishing
  3. Changes proposed to the RTE Act in the New Education Policy
  4. India is now a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime
  5. What’s so special about India purchasing Howitzer M777s
  6. How the Andhra Government is reclaiming Temple lands
  7. India Labour Reforms: A Stealth Start
  8. Why India must celebrate the Tejas
  9. NITI Aayog is set to be a major game changer in India’s Growth Story

My author profile at Swarajya is here: Srikanth Ramakrishnan on Swarajya

I’ve written over 50 articles on Swarajya, so do click on the author profile to read them.

Apart from Swarajya, I have written for other places as well.

I have written three articles for OpIndia: You can view my author profile here.

I have written five satire pieces for The Unreal Times. You can laugh at them here.

I have written an article for The Quint. You can read it here.

I have also written for the Foundation For Economic Education, a premier libertarian think tank founded in 1946. You can view my author profile here.

Here is a direct link to my FEE article: Cronyism Is Preventing India’s Transportation Sector from Growing

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