Should I write an ‘argumentative essay’ on the benefits of land transportation?

Should I write an ‘argumentative essay’ on the benefits of land transportation?

I think I should. I really should. Another month has gone by without much on this blog. I’m sorry. Being in the media business is not an easy task.

Like last month, I did manage to get myself featured in Swarajya’s print edition this month as well; do check it out here: 70 Years After Its Creation, Pakistan Is A Failed State.

Now the important question. A while back, a friend of mine told me about a discussion she had with someone else. She told me that the topic moved towards land-based transit vs others, and referred the other person to my first article on Swarajya: Lesson From Amtrak’s Failure: Invest Heavily In Railways. She then asked me if I could write an ‘argumentative essay’ on the matter. Perhaps I should. I asked on Twitter:

The results were surprisingly positive, so yes, I am going to write one.

I intend to do it in two sections: Intercity and Intracity. I have had my had my reservations about aviation in intracity spaces, you can read about it here: Are We Ready For Three-Dimensional Transport?

So, requesting you folks to drop in a line in the comments section with additional feedback.


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If I were to write a book, what should it be about?

Okie, so I apologise for not posting on the blog for the whole of August. It’s a bad habbit for a blogger. I admit, I have not written much this month either. I was down with dengue for a week (thank you Bangalore). I have, however, been featured in Swarajya’s print edition this month, do have a look here: Dharma and the Manager.

So, you now know that my writings have been featured on several other places including Swarajya, The Quint, and most importantly, the Foundation for Economic Education.

Given that I have managed get myself this far, I know that the day won’t be too far when I will be able to write for other publications.

At this juncture, I’d like to ask you, dear readers, one important question:

If I were to write a book, what should it be on?

I ran a Twitter poll on this; it surprisingly got 22 votes.

Don’t go by the poll options however, for I could only put four options there. I can write on a lot more but preferably transport and infra related.

I plan to soon write a long-form piece on a major economic concept related to transport along with another blogger, Kundan Srivastav. You can follow Kundan on Twitter, he tweets @kun_srivastav.

Till then, do drop your ideas, suggestions and more in the comments. I plan to start writing a series of essays on modern transit, maybe this can be a good start.


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