This Conductor Just Taught Us a Valuable Lesson!

Rajgira Khamandhokle, squeezed the last few drops of his fruit juice from the Tetra Pak, and threw it on the side of the road as he walked. After a while, he spat on the side of the road. A man came by and asked him not to do so. He responded with "When everyone does it, why not me?", and walked on. A while later, he boarded a bus to go home. As he walked up to the conductor, the Conductor yelled, "You Bring Change, else get down". He got off, ashamed that the conductor might have seen him spitting. The next day, he boarded the same bus at the same time. This time too, the conductor said "You must Bring Change". He got off again. This happened for the next few days, till one day the conductor caught hold of him and said, "Everytime I ask if you have change, you get down. I'm asking for change, if you don't have, I'll give you". Rajgira Khamandhokle was shocked. He didn't expect this. Sheepishly, he pulled out a ₹5 coin and bought a ₹5 ticket. He never littered or spat after that.
Tip: If everyone has the "I'm the only one doing this, who cares attitude", our surroundings will never be clean.
Moral: Carry change with you. Don't litter.
Note: This article is satire but should be taken seriously.

Change in hand, to giver a conductor.
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