The real reason why Kanhaiya took a flight!

Last month, JNUSUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar made headlines when he claimed that he was allegedly strangulated aboard a Jet Airways flight between Mumbai and Pune. While the supposed strangulation is an irrelevant issue, mainly due to the fact that Kaihaiya was busy live tweeting the incident from his iPhone from the Executive Class while his assistant was sitting behind in the Economy Class, people had questions. What really irked parts of the nation, especially residents of Mumbai and Pune, was the simple question: “Which Moron flies from Mumbai to Pune?”

Independent, free thinking, jobless journalist Sootbootki Sarkar managed to get an exclusive interview with Pramod Lande, the travel agent who did all the booking for the next Arvind Kejriwal.

“Mulga yeda aahe, purn yeda aahe. Maine bola, bus pakado, teen taas mein chhod dega, lekin usne mana kar diya.”

Lande continued; “I told Neeta pakado, he said, it has a Ladies name so he cannot show is privates. I asked him what this had to do with Neeta. I told him Konduskar, he said he wanted premium. So I said, go for ST. Take ST Shivneri. He said No Shivneri, it has Shiv in the name. Then I suggest ST Ashwamedh, he says, very Brahmanical. I then suggest Karnataka Airavat. He says too cheap! He said taking State Transport bus means he cannot fight for Azaadi. He said conductor will give Azaadi too easily.”  Lande takes a minute to pour some more Solkadhi into his glass before proceeding, “Phir bola, humko phlight mein jaana hai. Sabse mehenga kaunsa hai? Jate eyarwej? Book it!”

Lande claimed to have suggested downloading the Yatra app, but he said he wanted Azaadi from the app also! “This is possibly the reason why he faught with Mr. Deka”, he signs off.

Note: This article is satire and should not be taken seriously.
To know why Shivneri, Ashwamedh and Airavat are named so, please read this: Depots of Luxury


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