Cashing in on the Kabali Fever, TNFRS to play Neruppu Da on Fire Engines

Cashing in on the Kabali Euphoria, the Tamil Nadu fire and Emergency Services [TNFRS] has decided to play the song Neruppu Da from the Movie on all Fire Engines instead of the siren.
A spokesperson for TNFRS announced this move and called it a life-saving measure.
"People these days don't give way to any vehicle that blows a siren, be it an ambulance, a police vehicle or a fire engine. This step seems to be the best to get people to move out of the way"
However, citizens are not too enthused with the move. "What if people decide to stop their vehicles, get out and start dancing?", asked Satheesh Kumar, a resident of Anna Nagar.
"As it is there is so much noise pollution with sirens, if they start playing this, it is going to be a living hell.", said 80-year Thamizhselvan, living in Royapuram.
The TNFRS, however got support from an unexpected quarter. The Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services [KFES], has lauded this move. Calling it a 'landmark in bettering citizine lives', a spokesperson said, "We too shall implement this.It might help get Bangalore's traffic moving as well. And since Rajnikanth was once a BTS Conductor, we might as well as BMTC buses to start playing them in order to get them moving."
Naveen Subbaiah, a resident of Bannerghatta Road claimed that the idea wouldn't be really successful. He said, "Even with Sirens, we understand the emergency, but given that Bangalore Roads resemble a testing ground for ISRO and NASA to test their Moon and Mars Rovers, we can't move to give them way. If Rajni saar decides to play an Astronaut next, they can very well shoot it here".

Watch: Neruppu Da from Kabali.

Note: This article is satire and should not be taken seriously.
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