Do-It-Yourself: A Reflector Stick!

Have you ever driven down an under-construction highway and taken a look at the Reflector Sticks being used to inform road users of diversions and dangerous patches? Ever felt like flicking one of those but couldn't because they were too heavy or you didn't want to dirty the interiors of your own car?
Well, look no further than this page, because I'm actually going to teach you how to do so! [Make a reflector stick, not flick one]
A special thanks to the Mahabaleshwar Hill Station Municipal Council, the Paachgani Hill Station Municipal Council, the Taluk Administration and the Maharashtra Public Works Department.
I spotted this outside the Mapro Garden on the Wai-Paachgani-Mahabaleshwar State Highway 163 [as per markers on the road] and 131 as per a doc released by the Satara PWD wing.

DIY Reflector Sticks

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Now. Here's how we go about this whole thing.

Things required:

  • A pair of Industrial standard Rubber Gloves.
  • A pair of Safety Goggles.
  • A metre or foot-long scale ruler.
  • An empty Oil Can.
  • A small bag of Cement.
  • Red and White Reflective Tape - ECE 104. [You can get it on Amazon!]
  • A PVC Pipe or a Bamboo Pole. [Preferably 3-4 feet long]
  • Some gravel or loose stones.
  • A container that you won't be using again, except for cement. [Preferably metal]
  • A roll of Masking Tape

What to do:

  1. Put on the gloves and goggles. This is important. Gloves and goggles need to be on.
  2. Empty the oil can, clean it up and dry it completely.
  3. Use the scale and divide the can into four parts height-wise.
  4. Pour in some gravel/stones till it reaches the 1/4th level.
  5. Get the cement out, pour it in the container, mix some water till it is all wet.
  6. Pour the cement in till it reaches the half way mark.
  7. Let it dry overnight.
  8. Take the pole/pipe. Cover it with alternative strips of White and Red Reflector Tape.
  9. Mix some more cement.
  10. Pour it till it reaches the 34th mark.
  11. Stick the pole into the wet cement.
  12. Pour some more gravel or stones on top.
  13. Use the Masking Tape, with one end around the pole and one end around the top of the can. Do it multiple times to hold it steady and straight.
  14. Let it dry overnight.
  15. Take off the masking tape.
  16. Mix more cement and fill the can till the brim.
  17. Let it dry overnight.
  18. Apply alternating strips of Red and White Reflector Tape around the exterior of the can.
  19. There you go. You're Done!

You can now place this box outside your house and trust me, nobody will ever hit your wall ever again, unless the driver is drunk.

Note: I haven't tried any of this myself, although I intend to some day. Till then, you might want to ask a Civil Engineer for guidance.



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