He gave a bus conductor a 100 rupee note, what happened next will blow your mind!

A hundred Rupee note from BESTpedia
Rajgira Khamandhokle, usually buys a ₹20 rupee ticket for a bus ride from his home to office. He usually hands a ₹20 rupee note or two ₹10 rupee notes to the conductor. But today, things were different. This time, he didn't have either denomination! All he had in his pocket was a ₹100 rupee note. He reluctantly took out the note and handed it to the conductor. The conductor too, was not his regular conductor, but a new one. To his surprise, the conductor pulled out ₹80 in change and handed it back to him along with his ticket. He didn't abuse him, He didn't yell at him. He just gave his change and went on!
Tip: Try smiling at a conductor, give him change if you have, and say Thank You.
Moral: Conductors are human. They don't abuse you or yell at you unless you act haughty with them.
Note: This article is satire but should be taken seriously.

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