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Want your link on BESTpedia?

There are two types of advertisements that I am offering:

  1. Sponsored Post
  2. Site wide Link

Sponsored Post

As the name says, the sponsored post will be sponsored by you. It will have a link at the bottom of the post. This link will be dofollow. Google usually indexes BESTpedia within 3 hours after a post is made. A sponsored link will remain on the post and won't be removed. It will also remain on the main page as long as the post is present on the main page.

Site wide Link

A site wide link will be present on the Links section on the right hand side of the blog. This link will be dofollow and will be present on ALL pages across BESTpedia, from the home page, to individual posts, categories, author archives, time archives, etc.

Current Rates

(As of 20-10-15):
Sponsored Post: $4.00 per post.
Site wide Link: $5.00 per month.

NOTE: Payment to be made before the link goes up. Rates are subject to revision. Rates are calculated as per the metrics on this page. Only Paypal payments are accepted. Websites containing adult content, or content that is illegal will not be accepted.

If you are interested, please contact me on:

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