BESTpedia rankings across different platforms.

This page is merely a reference page for the various rankings that enjoys.

I don't employ a single ranking system for the domain; rather I use multiple ranking metrics to create a more reliable metric.

Using a Single Metric is akin to saying that I will sell a plot of land that I own at the same price that I bought it, without taking into consideration, factors such as proximity to Public Transport, Markets, etc.
The following are what I have considered:

So to start:

WuzzRank is used to calculate the social Media influence of a domain: Since I'm possibly the only fellow who shares a link to my blogpost, I guess this can be taken as a low score. The current WuzzRank is 1.

WebzyRank is used to calculate link popularity. It is a proxy for Google's Pagerank since Pagerank has been deprecated by Google. The current WebzyRank is 5.07.

MozRank is also used to calculate link popularity by Moz. The current MozRank is 5.19.

Domain Authority is a score developed  to predict the search engine ranking of a domain. The current Domain Authority is 19.

The WooRank  score represents the Internet Marketing Effectiveness of a Domain. The current WooRank score is 65.2.

The IndiBlogger IndiRank is a score for Indian blogs that are listed at IndiBlogger. The current IndiRank is 81.

The Alexa Rank is an estimate of traffic hitting my site. The Alexa rank fluctuates daily. The current Alexa Rank is within the range of 15000 and 19000 in India and ~2,17,000 globally.

Among all these, the one that I find most fascinating is the IndiRank; the method used to calculate is is very interesting, read about it here.

BESTpedia is listed on IndiBlogger, BlogAdda, BlogMint and is indexed by other places such as BlogLovin', the Blog Share Market, et al.
Apart from this, it has over 5000+ backlinks from various phpBB and vBulletin forums out there, as well as a few WordPress blogs.

BESTpedia is verified on Norton Web Security, and McAfee as well as verified on WOT. It has a MozTust score of 5.5.

All said and done, StuffGate estimates the value of the website to be around $13000.

The above is data as of 30-11-2015. It will change, and I intend to update this page once a month with new rankings.

I am open to placing links on the website to you domain for nominal fee. If you want to, please click here.

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